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Alexandria Hilgart

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Alexandria Hilgart

Hi! My name is Alexandria Hilgart and I was part of the Marketing team. I did research on ideas for discussion board forums and topic ideas. I looked at other websites' discussion boards to see popular topics, how often people would post to the discussion board/bulletin and different ways to organize them. I found that many discussion board postings on other websites required a login and password, which I thought would help create a community. By doing this I felt that people who were truly dedicated to the site would post and not just anyone who may post spam or advertisments.

A little bit about myself...I am a senior in the Technical Communication major and UW-Stout. My concentration is in Public Relations and I plan to get my certificate in Event Planning next year. I am from a small town but I have always been interested in living in the city and enjoy traveling as much as possible. Places I have traveled in the past that I fell in love with include Chicago and New York. I would love to go back soon!

Looking at the new and improved El Centro website I think it looks great! I think the entire team did a wonderful job and I think we have some very talented students in the class! I hope everyone enjoys it.

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