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Voter Registration

In order to vote you must register to vote, either prior to Election day, or at the polling place on Election day, and bring a Photo ID to identify you as a voter. Registration is a fairly simple process that requires you to fill out some basic information about yourself. Also, any government or military issued Photo ID will be sufficient.

To register to vote, you must do one of the following:

  • Print and complete a Voter Registration Application, which can be mailed to your local Wisconsin Municipal Clerk.
  • Visit a Wisconsin Municipal Clerk’s office and register in person. Most offices open by about 8 a.m. and close by 5 p.m., and you can find locations for these offices on the Wisconsin Municipal Clerk's page.
  • Register at the Polling Place on Election day. You must bring proof of residence that indicates your current & complete name that includes both the given & family name, and a current & complete residential address that includes a numbered street address & the name of the municipality, if applicable.

If you find that you need any more information, all this information can be found in more detail on the Government and Accountability Board's Registration and Voting page.

PLEASE NOTE: Information in your voter registration record besides date of birth, driver license number, the last four digits of your Social Security Number, and any special accommodation needs for persons with disabilities are considered public information in Wisconsin, though voters with special circumstances, specifically victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault or stalking, are able to Request a Confidential Listing.

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