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Donation Drive

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Friday, November 30, 2012 - 17:30 to Monday, December 31, 2012 - 23:30
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Dear Chippewa Valley resident,        Please consider donating to a good cause this 2012 holiday season. 

Donations to nonprofit organizations can be tax-deductible.  El Centro de Conexión de Chippewa Valley is a new non-profit (501(c) 3) volunteer organization in the Chippewa Valley that strives to educate residents about Latinos in Wisconsin, as well as assist Latino families in greatest need.  The organization is funded primarily by personal donations, and in-kind services from individuals, educational organizations and grants. El Centro’s mission is to create a safe and inclusive community of diverse cultures through education, celebration, and collaboration. We help Latino families by providing services such as translation assistance and information regarding health resources. 


Your donation will help El Centro get off to a good start.  We hope to get a physical space where we can host events and provide resources. 


We invite you to visit our website (www.elcentrocv.org), Facebook page (facebook.com/elcentrocv), or Twitter page (twitter.com/elcentrocv), so that you can find out more information about our organization including details in regards to our past and upcoming events. 


Regardless of whether you are in a position to donate or not, El Centro invites to build a positive relationship with us by volunteering, requesting an educational presentation for your organization, or letting us know what you think about the needs of our community. Our website has a discussion board where you can participate in our conversations and share your ideas on how to make the Chippewa Valley an even better community. 


Your tax-deductible donation to El Centro can be made in one of the following manners. Our website has a “Donate” section through which you can make an online donation making use of the secure PayPal service.  You do not have to have an existing account with PayPal, nor do you have to create a new account with them, to make a donation to El Centro.  Another option is to write a check or money order payable to “El Centro de Conexión de Chippewa Valley” and mail it to El Centro at P.O. Box 2166, Eau Claire, WI 54702.


El Centro thanks you for your attention to this matter, looks forward to your participation in El Centro events, and wishes you and your loved ones a happy holiday season. 





El Centro de Conexión de Chippewa Valley

(Translation: The Center for making Connections in the Chippewa Valley)

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