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Together, we serve the community as a voice of recognition for multiculturalism, community support and education. El Centro de Conexión de Chippewa Valley is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive community of diverse cultures through education, celebration and collaboration. Your support is critical to the mission of El Centro. Thank you.

Your donations will be allocated according to our current needs and at the discretion of the Board of Directors. If you wish that your donation be directed towards a specific project or purpose, please feel free to make a note of it in your electronic donation, or on a note accompanying any physical donation, and we will utilize it accordingly. If we have an immediate need, or if we feel your donation is needed in some way other than your original intent, we will do our best to contact you personally to ensure your approval. At El Centro de Conexión, we greatly appreciate your selflessness in donating your hard-earned resources, and we will do our best to employee them in ways that will make the most difference. 


For information regarding our exciting new BriLLA Scholarship, and how you can help to make them possible, visit our BriLLA page


Currently, you can donate electronically by following the PayPal donation link, or, if you prefer to send a physical donation, you may mail checks to:

El Centro de Conexión de Chippewa Valley
2809 E. Hamilton Ave #224

Eau Claire, WI, 54701  

El Centro de Conexión de Chippewa Valley is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your donation may be tax-deductable. Documentation will be sent to each donor upon receipt of donation.



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